All of our Website Design Services include a monthly website health report.

Wordpress Website Health Report

A Wordpress website report will show you all the database/performance optimizations we performed that month, all the updates to the themes, plugins and Wordpress Core, uptime monitoring as well as basic Google Analytics and Google Search Console data.

Sample from the first page of a Wordpress Monthly Website Report:

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Weebly Website Health Report

A Weebly website health report will show you the overall health of the website as it relates to basic seo standards and practices. Elements like missing meta descriptions and image alt tags as well as broken links or number of pages with canonical tags.

Website Summary

In this first section we show you a screeshot of your website homepage as well as it's overall domain strength in search engines. The domain strength scale is from 1 -10. Most small business websites will be below a 4. This is common. You would need to be to acheive anywhere near a perfect score of 10.

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Site Audit: Summary

Here we look at specific data points in these categories: Indexing & Crawlability, Redirects, Encoding & Technical Factors, URL's, Links, Images, On-page, Localization.

The main thing to look for here are any red circles with (!) or yellow triangles. These are errors that should be fixed. In most cases, if they are showing on your report we have already corrected them but, they were being fixed at the time the report was being generated.

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Indexing in Search Engines

In this section we show you how many pages Google, Bing and Yahoo have in their index. This is NOT an exhaustive list as no search engine allows full access to their index. The thing to note here is big swings in changes. These should most stay level or increase.

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Traffic To Website

As with our SEO Reports, we include some top level website traffic statistics for you. These are pulled directly from Google Analytics for your website.

This section breaks down how people are getting to your website. At the top left we see sessions, users, new sessions. This is the total number of each data set. To the right we see a pie chart of new visitors versus returning visitors.

Below that are a series of bar graphs, these will be different for each client, product or service we are promoting. They will include, direct traffic, referrral traffic, organic traffic, social traffic, paid traffic.

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