Your social media management report will be broken down by social media profile and color coordinated as well. Remember, you can add as many social media profiles as you like (limit one profile per social media network) at any time by using our easy social media profile on boarding page found here.

We will breakdown the monthly report for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn below. If you do not have a profile on a network or you have not connected it to our social media management system, you will not see that profile in your report.

Instagram Reporting

This pinkish colored area is for Instagram reporting:

Instagram Overview

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Here we can see the profile picture used on Instagram as well as the total follower count, how many accounts you are following and how many posts total there are on your Instagram account.

Instagram Details

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In the Instagram details section we can see in the first graph the messages per day broken down by media posted and comments received. In the next graph (top right) we see the best time to post which is calculated by engagement metrics from past posts. In the bottom left we see the total publishing metrics and finally in the bottom right we see the percentage of posts sent compared to the previous month.

Facebook Reporting

The darker blue or 'Facebook Blue' section summarizes and details your Facebook account activitity.

Facebook Overview

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In the Facebook overview section you can see your current Facebook profile picture, the number of impressions from all posts in the last reporting period, the total reach of all your posts, how many post engagements there were and total page consumptions.

Facebook Page Impressions

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In this section we can see the total page impressions for your page over the current reporting period.

Twitter Reporting

The lighter 'Twitter Blue' section covers your Twitter profile overview and content details for the reporting period.

Twitter Overview

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In the Twitter overview section we can see your current Twitter profile picture, your daily exposure on twitter, your total number of post engagements and the total reach of your Twitter profile and posts.

Twitter Content Details

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In this section we first see (top left) the number of messages per day that were sent during the reporting period. We then see (top right) the best time to post based off of previous engagement metrics. In the bottom left we see content habit metrics which shows the types of content posted and finally in the bottom right we are able to see the number of total tweets sent, either increase or decrease, in a pecentage for the current period versus the previous period.

LinkedIn Reporting

The Linked In section shows you an overview and detailed section for your Linked In Company Business Page. (We do not manage personal LinkedIn profiles).

LinkedIn Overview

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In the LinkedIn overview section we can see your current profile image for your LinkedIn Company Business Page, the total number of impressions for the reporting period, the total number of engagements for the month and the total number of clicks for the month.

LinkedIn Content Details

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In the LinkedIn details section we see auidence engagement by day in the top graph. The graph includes metrics from comments, clicks, shares, likes and impressions across all posts and media for your business page. The bottom left is the same data being shown as totals and the bottom right is the total number of engagements, increase or decrease over the previous period.


That covers the four main social media profiles and the reporting for each. If you have any other questions please submit a ticket to our help desk, we are always happy to help.