For all SEO services (Basic, Local, Weebly) we provide an indepth monthly report so you can see how you and your competitors are doing each month across various search engines.

The amount of data collected and reported could vary from service to service.

Report Summary

In the report summary at the top of the page you will see a screen shot of your website as well as the overall visibility of your website in the search engines we are tracking. Your competitors are listed below.

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Traffic To Website

This section breaks down how people are getting to your website. At the top left we see sessions, users, new sessions. This is the total number of each data set. To the right we see a pie chart of new visitors versus returning visitors.

Below that are a series of bar graphs, these will be different for each client, product or service we are promoting. They will include, direct traffic, referrral traffic, organic traffic, social traffic, paid traffic.

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Organic Website Visits

Because organic website visits are considered the most important to all website owners (and us as an SEO company) we break out the organic traffic to your website over the last 30 days in a line graph.

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Backlink Factors

This small section is just detailing how many backlinks we have been able to find pointing to your website. This is NOT an exhaustive list and should not be considered high value. It is a basic data point for reference. As a long as there are no major swings with this, either up or down, then your seo is working as it should be.

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Keyword Rankings: Summary

In this summary ranking section we can see an overview of the keywords and how they have moved, either up or down, in the various search engines as well as your competitors movement. Broken down by Top 1, Top 10, Top 100 and Not in Top 100.

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Keywords Moved Up/Down

This is an overview of how many kewords have moved up or down in each search engine. The number above the green bar show keywords that have moved up and the number over the red portion of the bar show how many moved down in that search engine compared to the last reporting period.

Drastic swings here are somewhat common.

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Keyword Rankings

The last section shows you each search engine and each keyword and the position accordingly. When you are looking at the rankings you will see small red or green numbers next to the the ranking position number. This tells you how many places the keyword as moved up (green) or down (red) in that specific search engine. 

You may also notice a number in parenthesis () this shows you the local pack position, one through three, for that specific keyword and search engine.

In most cases the summary sections above are suffcient to get an idea of how your website is performing but, for those data hungry folks out there, you can feast your minds on this deluge of data. Enoy!

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