It Could Hurt Your Online Marketing

There really isn't anything we can't do but, there are many things we simply won't do. We are not shy to tell our clients "no" if what they are asking will hurt their website or other digital marketing service either in the view of search engines or their visitors. While this may seem a bit brash we are committed to maintaining the highest level of digital marketing services and are not willing to compromise.

Large Amount Of Requests

In some cases we are just seeing an increase in support requests. While we strive to have all requests completed within a few hours to a day, some requests simply need more time. At the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic we saw the largest delays in our company's history with support ticket response times. This was out of our control but, we do everything we can to complete all requests as quickly as possible.

You can also inquire as to the status of your request at any time.

We do try to update support tickets that have exceeded our expected resolution time with a new completion time or date.