Website Clients (After 1/2019)

We use Wordpress for all website clients and include daily back ups of your website. Your website can easily be moved and re-installed elswhere using Wordpress again. If you are changing the CMS (Content Management System) to something other than Wordpress we can NOT offer any assistance. You will have to request a backup file to sent to you as we do not send backups automatically when a client cancels sevice. You may reach us at: 

Legacy Website Clients (prior to 1/2019)

While we use the Weebly Designer Content Management System it is possible to move your website to another hosting platform. Some features may not work after being moved. We can NOT provide assistance in the transision other than to send you a complete back up of your website. 

Should you decide to cancel your services with us and want to take your website with you, you will have to let us know so we can create a compressed folder with your website files in it. You may reach us at: